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Chadwick Manor      Security - Woodlawn, MD

Chadwick Manor Home

Maple Tree

Affectionately called "Chadwick" by its residents, Chadwick Manor is a quiet residential suburban community with 387 homes.

Convenience is its hallmark. Located off of Security Boulevard, it is near the beltway and Route 70. There are a number of shopping centers close by, including Security Square Mall which is within walking distance. The neighborhood is serviced by public buses. Three federal agency headquarters are nearby: the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Baltimore Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). CMS is in Chadwick's "backyard" and can easily be walked to. The FBI is in the nearby industrial park. SSA is a mile or so down the road. Schools, churches and religious organizations, food stores, gas stations, parks, and even a library are within a few miles of the community. Patapsco State Park is about two miles away.

Built in the early 1960's, the domestic style cape cod homes have large rooms and come in one and two story models. Many are semi-attached, but there are also single units. While some of the homes have basements, many do not. The ones with no basements have no outside steps, making them some of the easiest houses in town to carry groceries into.

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Community Association (CHIA) Meetings

The Chadwick Home Improvement Association is not meeting at this time.

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Kamenetz Announces Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Plan - (PDF format)

The Map - (PDF format)

Red Line Logo
Light Rail System

The Baltimore Red Line Light Rail is coming to Chadwick.

A committee met to help design the Red Line "CMS-Chadwick" station which is to be located in Chadwick. The committee is no longer meeting, but the committee minutes and material are posted on the Red Line site.

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